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A nation of lies. A dangerous mission. No more war, no more disease. On the island, everyone is safe. That's what Riley's been brought up to believe. But when her sister goes missing, Riley discovers that her whole life is full of lies and the truth costs more than she can bear. In a nation where every citizen is monitored, does freedom really exist?

Making friends in a new school is tough, but Lauren is determined it'll work out. Maybe she'll even be happy again, after everything her family has been through. Just as long as nobody finds out about Harry...

Be careful what you wish for... Being a twin is brilliant. That's what everyone always tells Mia and Jae. But Mia's fed up with her twin stealing the spotlight all the time. When Mia finds an old doll, things begin to change. Finally, Mia's getting her own back on Jae. But Mia soon finds out that everything comes at a price.

Formula 1 is the most thrilling motorsport on the planet! From cool car parts and driver diets, to top tracks and inspiring female drivers, we find out just why Formula 1 is so fascinating!

From Instagram to Vine, from YouTube to Twitter, the age of the internet has created a whole new kind of celebrity. But who are they? And how did they do it? This book looks at some of the most popular social media stars, the craziest internet fads and how being socially smart can be big business!

Published by BBC Doctor Who books, Pearson Books and Badger Learning.


Editor's Choice: The Dark Crystal Author Quest 2014 (Jim Henson Co/Penguin Books US/Grosset & Dunlap)


Semi-Finalist: BBC Writers Room/CBeebies "Get A Squiggle On" scriptwriter search 2011

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