"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso
"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso 

The story so far...

I grew up in East London on 80s films and cartoons, Fighting Fantasy, Star Wars, Miss Marple, Doctor Who, Stephen King, Sweet Valley High and the Acorn Electron, which kept me happily away from the real world. It also means that I'm still looking for an adventure in which I'm fighting Daleks, hanging out with Princess Leia, having tea and scones and thwarting my naughty twin, all while catching a murderer!





I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was 6, when I saw The Dark Crystal at the cinema. I wrote scripts, stories and poems, as well as my own magazines throughout my childhood and after encouragement from the editor of Smash Hits at age 13, I did work experience at CBS Records and won a BBC Radio 5 journalism award, before getting my first job at Chatsworth Television in London in 1996.


Over the years I've also worked in theatre and music, and I've been a bookseller, a barista and worked with bands as far back as my teens. Since going freelance in 2006, I've worked on books, cult TV and magazines, and in advertising and Formula One, as a writer, editor and social media producer.


In 2009, I decided to follow my dream and focus on books, and I joined the Writing Children's Books course at City Lit. I was lucky enough to be tutored by the brilliant children's author, Lou Kuenzler. My first YA book, The Wishing Doll, was published in 2014 by Badger Learning, followed by four more.


In 2011 I became a BBC Writer's Room finalist in their children's TV series competition and in 2014, the Jim Henson company made me an editor's choice in their Dark Crystal Author Quest - coming full circle with the thing that made me want to write.


I'm currently working on a horror screenplay for Sun Rocket Films and I have a children's fiction series in progress. I love to write in any medium or genre, but comedy, horror and a brilliant adventure are closest to my heart, especially if there's a trusty sidekick and an outsider to go on a journey with. :)







Published by Badger Learning. The Wishing Doll, Amazing Racing, Social Superstars, Remember Rosie and Silent Nation are available now! 


Editor's Choice - The Dark Crystal Author Quest 2014 (Jim Henson Co / Penguin / Grosset & Dunlap)


Semi-Finalist - BBC Writers Room / CBeebies "Get A Squiggle On" scriptwriter search 2011

Photo (c) Jan Dunning 2014