"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso
"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso 

The story so far...

I grew up on 80s films, Fighting Fantasy and the Acorn Electron so I'm pretty much Data from The Goonies, but with less skills at making booby traps.


As a child, I was always hiding somewhere, reading a book or watching a screen. 80s cartoons, BBC Sci-Fi and Star Wars figures made me happy and my first role models were Princess Leia, Diana from V and Kira from The Dark Crystal. 




Over the years I've worked in TV, theatre and music. I've also been a bookseller, a coffee maker and worked with bands as far back as my teens.


I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was 6, when I saw The Dark Crystal at the cinema.  By age 13 I was sending scripts to actors and chasing music execs for work, as well as writing my own magazines. I figured if I aimed high enough, it might just work. After encouragement from the editor of Smash Hits, I did work experience at CBS Records and won a BBC Radio 5 Journalism award, before joining Chatsworth TV in 1996, the start of a long media run.


Since going freelance, I've built up a lovely client list, which enables me to work on everything from books and cult TV to merchandise and Formula One.


In 2009 I joined the Writing Children's Books course at City Lit and my first book was published in 2014 by Badger Learning. In 2011 I was a BBC Writer's Room finalist and in 2014, the Jim Henson company made me an editor's choice in their Dark Crystal Author Quest. I was over the moon! 







Published by Badger Learning. The Wishing Doll, Amazing Racing, Social Superstars, Remember Rosie and Silent Nation are available now! 


Editor's Choice - Jim Henson Co / Grosset & Dunlap Dark Crystal Author Quest 2014


Semi-Finalist - BBC Writers Room / CBeebies "Get A Squiggle On" scriptwriter search 2011

Photo (c) Jan Dunning 2014