I grew up in East London on 80s/90s pop and culture, reading John Wyndham, James Herbert, Fighting Fantasy, Penguin Teen Tracks, Sweet Valley High and everything in between. I loved films and TV from an early age, especially Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Miss Marple, Doctor Who and anything involving a bunch of kids going on an adventure.

I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of 6, when I saw The Dark Crystal at the cinema. I wrote scripts, stories, poems and magazines and won a BBC Radio 5 journalism commendation, before getting my first job at Chatsworth Television in London in 1996, working in Consumer Products on things like Sooty and The Crystal Maze. 


Since then, I've worked in theatre, music, bookselling and more. As a freelance writer, editor and social media producer, I've worked on books, games, magazines, sports and fan engagement.


In 2009, I joined the City Lit Writing Children's Books course and was tutored by the brilliant Lou Kuenzler. My first book, The Wishing Doll was published in 2014 by Badger Learning, followed by two more YA titles and two non-fiction books. My most recent teen reads, Face Not Recognised and Night Drive/Freddie's Tale were published by Pearson Books in Sept 2023. 


In 2011, I was a BBC Writer's Room semi-finalist in their children's TV series scriptwriting competition and in 2014, the Jim Henson company made me an Editor's Choice in their Dark Crystal Author Quest. My first Doctor Who story, Pain Management (featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor), was published in October 2019 as part of The Target Storybook by BBC Books, and my second story, The Night Harvest (featuring John Simm as the Master), was published as part of I Am The Master in November 2020. 


My next children's book is due to be published in September 2024.







Published by BBC Doctor Who books, Pearson Books and Badger Learning.


Editor's Choice: The Dark Crystal Author Quest 2014 (Jim Henson Co/Penguin Books US/Grosset & Dunlap)


Semi-Finalist: BBC Writers Room/CBeebies "Get A Squiggle On" scriptwriter search 2011

Photo (c) Jan Dunning 2014

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