"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso
"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso 

Want to write? This matters...

Characters that jump off the page.

Dialogue. Every word should matter.


Universes that draw your reader in so far that they don't look up until the end.


A storyline that makes you feel something; that resonates with you.


BE INSPIRED. Nobody else will be inspired by your work if it doesn't move heaven and earth below you when you're writing it.


My toolkit: a muse, mood boards/Pinterest, music, characters and stories that move me, acting out scenes, a great notebook and pen, laughing, sharing with likeminded friends.


Most important of all, the best tool is to never, ever give up.



Published by Badger Learning. The Wishing Doll, Amazing Racing, Social Superstars, Remember Rosie and Silent Nation are available now! 


Editor's Choice - Jim Henson Co / Grosset & Dunlap Dark Crystal Author Quest 2014


Semi-Finalist - BBC Writers Room / CBeebies "Get A Squiggle On" scriptwriter search 2011

Photo (c) Jan Dunning 2014